Our Services

Facility Management 

  • Periodic maintenance, optimal operational performance & expanding the life of equipment.
  • Improving the quality of service for tenants.
  • Cost saving by consuming less energy.
  • Electrical safety standards and HSE standards.
  • Providing full maintenance for the existing electrical & mechanical installation and enhancing the building standards.
  • 24 hours maintenance services.
  • Expert facility management team.


Procedures & Policies

  • Effectively developing compliance and good ethics.
  • Implementing and managing the policies and procedures.
  • Outstanding communication policies.
  • Effectively manage risks and ensuring accuracy.
  • Tenant screening.
  • Legal rights for landlords.
  • Complete transparency in all kinds of transactions, leading to cost reductions.

Financial Management

  • Generating all financial reports based on income and expenses.
  • Controlling the buildings budget (individual and consolidated).
  • Control asset procurements and inventory.
  • Control/manage receivables.
  • Control/manage payments to suppliers/vendors.
  • Control the cash flows using the cash management module.
  • Ensuring timely collections.
  • Ensuring accuracy in financial data and reports.
  • Submission of quarterly financial reports.
  • Budget and expenses control.


Property Management

  • Increase occupancy.
  • Experienced property managers.
  • Manage all details related to the property.
  • Manage all leasing contracts.
  • Manage dues and payments.
  • Producing monthly reports.
  • Managing all tenant complaints.
  • Suggesting property improvements.
  • Ensuring quality and due diligence with tenants.
  • Managing cleaning and security shifts.